Have you ever wanted to fly like a bird?

One of the safest and best ways is to go Paragliding, fly tandem.

Take to the sky with our highly experienced instructors. You can experience the thrill of paragliding. While flying you will be above the mountains and the views are breathtaking. You may even think you found paradise.

Our Paragliding Flight Options are as Follows

Medium Flying : 4560 ft. above sea level. 
Duration: 3+ minutes (generally 03-9 minutes)

RATE – 2,000/- per person


High Flying : 5250 ft. above sea level. 
Duration: 15+ minutes (generally 15-20 minutes)

RATE – 4,500/- per person


Long Flying : 6000 ft. above sea level. 
Duration: 30+ minutes (generally 30-45 minutes)

RATE – 7,000/- per person



Complimentary bike ride of 1 km from landing to client vehicle.

For High Flying and Long Flying – Free Jeep Safari about 5km.

You do not need any experience or knowledge, just the desire to fly. All you need to do is follow your instructor’s simple guidance during take off and landing. The instructor will guide you when needed and for the most part you will enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

Location: 3 Km from Bhimtal lake towards Nakuchiatal on the Jungaliya Gaon Road.


Winter Timings: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Summer Timings: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm